Trading the Forex markets, didn’t ride it all the way but this time it wasn’t my fault!

The USDCHF trade I put on a few days back woke up and shot up this morning. I left my 50 pip trailing loss and it gradually ticked up… if you look at the graph, you’ll see that I got out early once again (most frustrating!) but this time I stuck with my plan and didn’t touch it. The market touched 10400 but when you’re spreadbetting the spread can work against you. My stop first got to 10251 and then 10352 when the market was at 10400 or so and then came crashing back to hit my stop before moving up. The market’s short term bottom here was 10347 which was only a few pips shy of my stop and if it hadn’t triggered, the market would be at 10437 which is another 90 pips.

Anyway, can’t complain too much with 100 pips profit!


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