Trading the Forex markets and being nervous!

I have had 8 winning trades in a row and I’m starting to get a little nervous. Generally I know that I am about 60% correct so a loss is due at some stage…. each time I am trading I am aware of this and this makes me a little nervous. Anyway, I went long the GBPJPY at 14581 when it breached the downward trend (as indicated in the chart below). My stop was at 14545 and my first target was 14620.

The market shot up and I got nervous… it shot up too quickly and with a surge like this, I expect some sort of pullback. It went beyond my target and I clicked to sell and got out at 14634 for 53 pips! Excellent! I think the market can go higher from here…  14650 and if it can get above this, no reason why it can’t get to the recent high 14695. I’m happy with my profit for now.. it’s a compromise between some trading anxiety and profit!

Now I have 9 winning trades in a row and am going to get more nervous as a loss trade is around the corner…


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