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I’m still on the simulator, I had emailed my trading mentor earlier to ask if I should go back to the live account since I had a good week last week. He told me to give it a few more days and see how I get on. I am glad that he did as I traded and traded and ended up with a substantial loss. It would have battered my self esteem if I had lost on the live account.

Still, I rather lose fake money than real money but it’s still not a good show.

I guess, I’m still annoyed about the morning FTSE trade I made where my stop loss was breached by just 0.5 point leaving me with a loss. It would have ended up in a nice profit otherwise. It’s little things which can cause you to lose and chase the market in the attempt to neutralise previous losses. It’s all about trading psychology… it’s what distinguishes the winners and the losers…

I enclosed the chart of the day… my trades are probably not worth talking about today as they were simply rubbish!

I’m going to keep emotionless.. if possible and live to fight again tomorrow!! Wish me luck!

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