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Apologies for those who have been following my updates on Twitter and then coming to the site to find that I’ve not updated the blog to go through the trades.
Trading for me is becoming more stringent in the way that i select my trades.. my ruleset for trading has been greatly narrowed and overall, it seems to be working out. Posting why I’ve traded a particular trade is pretty repetitive as I am following the same ruleset time and time again to enter my trades. I do have the tendency to pull off the odd gamble which is when things can get interesting but not in a good way in terms of trading as it usually means that I’ve violated my trading rules.
Anyway, by being able to narrow down the way I trade, trading the same ruleset has meant that I’ve seen some immense progress in my trading results. In that last couple of months alone, I’ve manage to net around 1400 pips and I’m a lot more relaxed overall.
I will continue to update the site as often as i can, I hope it’ll be useful for those looking to learn to trade – for those who’ve arrived at my blog for the first time – it takes a long time! However, saying that, I hope you will be able to shortcut your learning through reading my blog.
I do want to be able to provide articles which contain snippets of wisdom and my learning which I hope will help those wanting to learn to trade. . The Twitter feed should do that.

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