My Forex trades for the day…

I made a couple of trades this morning… firstly the NZDJPY long at 81.20 with my trailing 50 point loss. The market did go up my way but hit 81.60 dead on before dropping.. I just needed 10 more pips and my stop would have moved to breakeven. However, the market fell like a stone after this and I got stopped out. I also bet half my usual size for this trade so even though I took a 50 pip loss, it was in effect 25 pips…

I obeyed the signals and nothing is every 100% in trading.. it just didn’t go my way


My second trade was long NZDUSD at 0.7675 after a stochastics cross once again…  this one hasn’t moved much yet and I am currently down by 10 pips and still running.


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