My 20 pip profit today – GBPUSD and EURUSD

I haven’t been posting my trading entries for a little while as I never got much feedback from it and thought that people weren’t interested. However, lately, I’ve been getting emails from people asking me if I am indeed doing any trading at all and the answer is indeed YES! Every day in fact, I’m looking at the markets and putting on trades where I can.

Anyway straight to it.. today I had two trades open, short GBPUSD at 15981 with a 10 point trailing stop and a long EURUSD at 14053, once again with a trailing stop.

Firstly GBPUSD – the short was done after the EURUSD but within minutes of each other. I did find this trade a little difficult to take as usually the EURUSD and GBPUSD do the same thing so it was rather difficult to go long EURUSD and then go short GBPUSD. Anyway, I followed my rules and it got me 10 pips. The maximum gain would have been 40 pips if I had got out at the bottom before it reversed

EURUSD – going long at this point yield immediately results.. the market shot up just before I put in my trade and as it moved up, so did my trailing stop. It was at it’s peak 30 pips before it fell and hit my stop which by which had locked in 10 pips.

Total pips today = +20

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