Worlds Worst Trader is back!!!

Unfortunately, I think I must be the owner of this title…  I traded again today but all the lessons which I’ve learnt in the past seem to have been forgotten!

I did end up with a small profit today but it was just luck.

Firstly, I bought when the market was going down… the whole trend was down and I went and bought which wasn’t clever… I ended up -19 points on this trade. I had no reason to buy… what on earth am I doing? I really felt stupid with this trade, it’s obvious from the chart that the price action is heading south but here I am doing the opposite.

Anyway, the next trade was better… after identifying that the market was going down, I sold short and made +26 which was nice. Despite being overall up today, I am really disappointed with my performance.. the first trade was a text book mistake which should never have happened.

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