What the f**k am I doing? S&P emini trading

Well, back to it. I place my first trade, a long at 132700 with an initial stop at 132450 and a target of 132975. As it moved up a little, I then moved my stop to 132500.

It promptly hit my stop and then went upwards to hit my target!!

To compound it, I got itchy fingers and went short at 132475 and took a 11 price hit.

So, going back live not looking good.. already reach my 20 price loss limit in a matter of minutes. I really don’t know what is wrong with me… in the simulator, I would have done ok and made some money no doubt! Live environment seems to compell me to lose and then rub it in to show me that I was right all along.

I’ve shown only my entries on the chart. The long trade as a good move I think but I was a tad over zealous on the stop. The second trade was just stupidity.

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