What happened? Where is it going wrong?

I was annoyed with my performance today… my first trade was a good trade i felt but I had felt some fear and moved the stop too close.. it was at an obvious level where stop runners would push it to… 132500… not very clever. My initial stop was at 132450 which didn’t get hit and would have yield the profit that I had targetted.

In addition, I also placed a trade to short the Dow Jones at 121650.. this was a perfectly good entry and I would have managed to grab some profit or move my stop before it reversed. However, I chickened out and close a little above my entry price. I had felt fear and close the trade prematurely result in a loss.

Overall, I felt rather disappointed with myself. My entries were rather good I felt in these two cases, just my psychology to hold was rather bad.

There was a bad trade on my second Emini short (mentioned in previous article when I shorted at the worst possible place)… that was a result from the frustration of being stopped out of the first trade.

Anyway, here’s the pic of the Dow Jone short trade.. note where I had shorted and then closed, then it dropped where I could have grabbed a good 20 points or so!

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