Unbelievable – another win but on the simulator!! S&P Emini trading

Yesterday I ended up with a small loss.. I was a bit worried, it could mean that my winning streak on the simulator was at an end… however, there were other problems today… the trading platform just wasn’t interested in letting me in.

I ended up putting on some trades on my spreadbetting account to good effect and essentially making some real cash! Hoorah!

I shorted twice as per enclosed chart. The first short was a move just below 134000… I took it to 133625 for 14 or so┬áprices equivalent… I say equivalent as spreadbetting companies have nasty spreads which they can move up and down to catch you out!

Then when it retraced again to around 134500, I shorted again and took profit at the previous swing low for another 15 or so prices!!

I ended up in real cash terms just under 30 prices!!

I really wish I could replicate these results in the live account… hopefully, I’ll be back to the real account next week and try my luck again! Fingers crossed!

Anyway, I’m going out with the other half for dinner to spend my winnings! Have a good weekend all!


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