The weeks trades – crappy Forex and still trading the DOW

The last few trades, I did make quite a few trades on the currency and the DOW (urgh, why am I still trading this instrument?). I haven’t documented everything as I usually do…. many of these trades were done during the day when I was at work and not able to give myself the time to watch the markets.. yes, what on earth am I doing? Anyway, since the 24th, I placed 6 currency trades… all losing.. hmm, I won’t go too much into but they were all small losses. All I can say is that the currency markets have ‘changed’ again, I think they are in rangebound movements again as before, when I was using my trade signals to get in and out, they were working beautifully.

Anyway, back to Friday’s DOW trades, I made two trades.. one during my working period which amounted to a loss. However, at one stage it was 50 points up and if I were about watching it, I would have moved my stop to contain it.. I can’t even say it’s unlucky, I just was there to watch it and so the fault is my own, I really need to not trade when I am unable to watch it. Anyway, first trade was a -61 loss. My entry criteria was the lower stochastic on the second peak in prices, negative divergence.

When I got back home, I traded and managed to claw back some of it. There was a descending triple top pattern and I traded off the third top as it fell from the resistance line. It fell rapidly and I closed out before it went the other way.. my exit was quite lucky as it shot up from it’s position and closed 114 points higher!

Here is the chart:

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