Sports trading – my results

I thought I’d try some sports trading the other day using Betfair. In the past, I have managed to triple my starting pot using Betfair but then lost it all when I played with their Betfair Poker application.. keep away from that, it’ll eat all your money!

Anyway, I thought I would give it a try in the Horse Racing market. The strategy was quite simple, watch the trends in the price and when it looks like it would win, the put on a bet for that horse to win. To minimise risk, where possible, I would lay the same horse when the price was favourite to generate a situation where you can either eliminate any loss to your account (you don’t lose money if the horse wins or loses) or at least, minimise it.

I must admit, I’m not very experienced with this but I understand the concepts. Anyway, I started off with just £2 bets and as I got a little better, I put on £4 bets. 14 bets later I ended with 11 cash wins, 2 losses and 1 scratch trade, I ended up with £23.62 profit!! Excellent!

See my cash statement below (click for larger link):


The UK horse racing market stops at 4pm GMT and then then there is the US market. However, the US market doesn’t seem to offer the cash volumes as the UK market so I didn’t bother trading it.

I started at 2pm GMT but the market for horse racing in the UK starts around 12pm. If I have time tomorrow, I’ll go in a bit larger and start at 12pm if I can. At some point, I’ll do a video so you can see how I am doing this for those interested.

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