Simon Grinter’s Forex seminar

The weekend gone I attended Simon Grinter’s Forex seminar. For those who check in on the website you’ll find that I’ve been thinking about attending Simon’s seminar for a while. I’ve been following Simon’s work for a long time now when he started trading the Dax and now Forex. He had a blog where he would post his trades and he was always doing very well. His current Forex blog shows results of his trading sessions and there seems to be a lot of profit being made:

Simon teaches a few of his systems and together they provide you with a good arsenal of strategies to trade with. However, one thing which you need to be aware is that although the systems are great, the one thing that no one can teach you is trading psychology… there is a good discussion on trading psychology but this is something which you need to develop yourself and this does take time.

Simon currently offers a seminar to learn his methods and/or a chat room where he gives out live trades.  

I logged on into the chat room today and he gave a live trade, a short of the EURJPY and it made target. However, I work a 9-to-5 job so have no speakers and didn’t hear what he was talking about. However, someone else was kind enough to relay to me what was going on.

I recommend having a look at Simon’s methods. He offers a 14 day free trial of his chat room so you can see follow his trades. If you’re happy you can continue with the chat room or even sign up to his seminar to learn the methods and get life time access to the chat room. If after 14 days you’re not impressed, you can cancel and lose nothing. In addition, Simon offers a guarantee on his seminar, if you don’t make 20% on your account after 60 days then he will give you a full refund!

To sign up for the free trial, visit and put in your details. You can download some free ebooks from here, sign up for the chat room or seminar from here.

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