Run Metatrader and Expert Advisors without having to leave your computer on

A long time ago, I wrote about automated trading, how you could run a ‘trading robot’ on your trading platform and it would open and close your trades for you automatically. This was completely automated and works great.. the only annoying thing is that you need to keep your computer on for the ‘trading robot’ to function. If you want to read that post again, go to:

Anyway, I found a company who can run the Metatrader software for you and additionally, they can preload two of the currently best selling ‘trading robots’ on the market, FAP Turbo and ForexAutoPilot (or you can load your own)

Basically, you rent a machine of theirs which is running the software and they’ll load the software for you… It’s quite clever and costs you $69.95 a month to run. You can remote control the machine that you are renting to access you trading account. It’s a very clever idea and I recommend that you look at it if you are using any of the Expert Advisors with Metatrader and want to run your trading operation truly 24/7. They promise a 99.9% uptime and if you don’t like it, you can get your money back (before 60 days).

Give it a try, click here to access EZ Forex Host

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