Part-time trading.. is it possible?

The question has been asked many times, is it possible to become a successful trader only trading part time. I’d like to think that it is as this is what I am doing.. I hold a 9-to-5 job (which I really enjoy) and am trading in the periods where I have time.. this includes any days off and in the evenings.  However, there are people who say to me that in order to be in the consistent 5% that make money, you need to dedicate yourself to the craft of trading. I think trading takes a lot of time to learn to do and probably most people can’t afford to jack in their jobs to see if they can cut it trading. For those looking to trade for a living.. unless you have deep pockets, trading is not the route to make easy quick money. No one likes to lose money but when you’re starting out, unless you’re extremely talented, you’ll probably lose.

Anyway, today is my day off and I’ve put on a short on the GBPJPY at 141.44 with a 50 point stop. The market moved down to 141.00 and beyond and I’ve brought my stop to breakeven.. let’s see what happens from here, my target is 140.00 which is another 100 points away.


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