One of my Best Trading days – 389 pips!

Today was one of the best trading days that I’ve ever had… the markets really took a huge knock.. in fact, today the markets are looking like the below:


FTSE               =          -2.05%

DAX                =          -2.33%

CAC                 =          -2.70%

United States

DJIA                =          -1.86%

S&P500            =         -1.83%

NASDAQ        =          -1.96%

Anyway, my trades today were:

Short GBPUSD at 6.30am with a 40 pip stop and a 40 pip target – target was hit for 40 pips.

I had an intraday buy for the GBPUSD also but was hit for a loss of 35 pips

I had shorted EURUSD last night with a 60 pip stop and a 100 pip target, this was hit for +100

I also had a short on GBPJPY and short on USDJPY which totalled 284 pips… the market fell away so quickly that I was worried about a pullback so took pips early. I didn’t follow my system exactly to the tee with these trades and right now the market is retracing before a potential further fall.

Anyway, I had a winning pip count today of +389 pips in total! Happy days!

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