My losing day on the Markets – you will get these unfortunately!

Well, it had to happen I suppose…  I don’t know anyone who goes and has a winning day every day….

I had closed two trades today with a loss.. firstly a short of the USDJPY Forex pair.. it looked as though it was breaking down and I had actually entered short yesterday around 4pm. The market dwindled for a few hours in the early hours of the morning before it started it’s rise and hit my stop at 8040 for a 25 point loss.

My next trade was a little bit disappointing on my part.. I had entered long NZDJPY at 6570 and as it moved up (which wasn’t that much), I had moved my stop up with it. It fell to hit my stop and then went higher. I was nursing a small loss of -10 pips but the market has since reached 6600 and I’d be still open sitting on a 30 pip profit.

Total loss today 35 pips!

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