Morning S&P emini session… back later (hopefully)

I have today off so I thought I’d make some trades.

I am doing ok today and caught the general moves.. however, both my trades were great entries but where I let myself down was where I exited. There are so many variables to trading, your entry, your exit, your trading psychology etc etc.

Anyway, my first entry was a long when the market went above 138000. I rode it to just below 138500 thinking that it would be contained here… however, the market went a lot higher.. to 139800 which would have been 70 prices. I made 17 prices on this.

Then I went short at 139175 and had initially targetted 139025 but I missed my exit as I was a bit slow with the mouse. It was bouncing up by the time I had control of the mouse and I closed it for a small profit at +2. However, the market is at 138000 which is 40 prices profit.

So, I have 19 prices in the bag.. my entries were good.. however, exits were poor. I could have made 110 prices today!!!! Grrr!!!

Well, I have some errands to run so I hope to come back to trading for the afternoon session! 

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