Happy New Year everyone and a Time for Reflection

Hi everyone, I just wanted to send you all a New Year message. I hope 2011 was a good one for you both personally and professionally. For myself, it’s been quite pivotal both in direction and where I am in my life.

Firstly, I decided to quit my full time job which I had been doing for many years and concentrate on the trading. The blog and trading certainly in the first few years was a small side hobby where I would fit in around my busy job. I would read the odd book, put on trades where I could and see what happened… I did my best to educate and learn but when time is short and you’re not getting enough screen time, it’s rather difficult to trade successfully. As a result, the extended learning curve meant that it took me a lot longer to get to where I am today where I feel comfortable to pursue it full time. If you’ve been a reader for a while, you’ll notice that this blog was primarily all about making money online, not just trading but affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, selling Clickbank products, Betfair trading etc. This blog has evolved to become a pure trading site and although I still enjoy the other online money making projects, they are very much secondary to what I do now. In fact, I am thinking of creating a new blog just for those and keeping this just for trading the financial markets.

Following on from the first point of quitting my full time job, the reason as to why I did it was because I’m having success trading the financial markets now. It has taken a lot of time and energy but well worth it and it’s what I enjoy most in my life. I’m finally following my passion and it feels great.

I also want to help others who want to learn to be successful trading. Currently I don’t know how I am going to do this yet.. an ebook, a product, courses, mentoring.. I’m not sure but I get a lot of satisfaction from helping people achieve things. I think I’ll be most value to people who are working full time jobs and want to trade… I can save you a lot of time.. I’ve made the mistakes, spent a lot of money in the process, I know what has worked and what hasn’t worked. Of course, I also want to do this as my trading strategies are for a few hours a day and gives me ample time to be able to do this. Meeting more people can also lead to joint ventures on other projects and I’m already currently working with others on joint venture projects.

2012 should see a lot more success and I should be able to give more back to you readers. Here’s to wishing you a fantastic 2012, I wish you the very best wherever you are in the world.


ps. Here’s for your enjoyment!

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