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I haven’t mentioned much about my Betfair betting… or Betfair trading but it has been going quite well. So well in fact that my account has swelled 50% and also I have enrolled myself on a Betfair trading course by the Betting Exchange Academy held by Peter Webb.

I am extremely excited by the prospect of this as Betfair seems to be much more easier than financial trading. With my limited experience of Betfair and taking small punts, my account has grown quite nicely. I mention Betfair trading and Betfair betting as I believe that I am currently firmly in the latter… I am betting and not trading. Betfair trading is like the next level up from successful Betfair betting.. if I can trade the Betting exchanges then the potential profits could be huge!

Some Betfair trading blogs which have made interesting reading are: – this guy starts off with £5000 in his account and brings home over £1000 a day in profit. This is 20% increase on his account every day.. this is amazing. He is targetting £150k profits for 2009 and he’s 22 years of age! – although this hasn’t been updated for a while, this chap, Ray was making very good money.. not sure why he doesn’t write anymore, guess he felt time was better spent making money than writing about it! – this guy was was going to pay for his wedding with Betfair profits.. he succeeded! Now his focus is to turn his original pot of £1k to £101k… sounds crazy huh? He is just shy of £50k so far….

If you read these blogs, you can’t help but be skeptical.. how are these people making so much money in such a short space of time and is it really some sort of scam. My limited knowledge and sophisticated betting techniques have yielded 50% of my betting pot… it is certainly easier than trading! I seriously think it is possible once I get the skills to be able to understand these betting exchanges. I’ll let you know how I get on with the course…

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