Beauty trade on the 9-to-9 GBPUSD trading system

On Friday 11th (sorry, posting this a bit late), I traded the 9-to-9 trading system on the GBPUSD. For those who haven’t been following, it’s trading the breakout of the highest and lowest points between 9pm and 9am GMT time.

The timing on my chart says 5am but that’s because I am using a US broker and it’s not clever enough to work out where I actually am.. it’s a minor detail.

Anyway, the top of the range was 14757 and the lower, 14651. The range is just over 100 pips so can be done. I have to half my usual stake to keep in line with my money management and the target is 100 pips either way of the break.

As you can see from the chart, I made my 100 odd pips in a few hours of the break towards the downside. Lovely profits!

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