Back in profit on simulator

I got today off so I went out for some shopping and then got back around 3pm for some trading. I made a series of trades..

My first trade was a long at 134525 with a target of 134775. The market did go up but didn’t hit my target before it started to retrace. I got out with a +2 profit before it tanked. The days movement was down day so in effect, I should have concentrated on short trades only.

Then I went short at 134450 with a limit at 134175. The 5 min stochastics had peaked so it looked like a good move… it hit my target for +11. It did go further so I left some on the table.

I shorted again at 133950 with a tight stop at 134100.. it hit my stop for -6, went two more prices and tanked… it would have hit my target so this was a bit disappointing…

 Another short at 133800 with a target of 133550. I took profit early though at 133600 for +8

In total, +15!!

Ok, have a good weekend.

29th Feb - Make Me Some Money

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