Another Good Day trading GBPUSD, EURUSD and FTSE100

Another profitable day in the markets. The health of the stock markets tend to reflect the GBPUSD, EURUSD and FTSE100 and I had a long trade in all of these instruments this morning.

The first trade was the FTSE100 index long at 5773. I had a 20 point stop with an initial 60 point target. However, waiting for the market to move was fruitless. It didn’t move much during the European open and even when the US markets opened up, nothing much happened so I closed for 13 points.

The second trade was long GBPUSD at 16236 with a 20 point stop and a 60 point target. The market hit the target shortly after lunch and I was 60 points up. The market has risen another 40 points above this since.

The┬áthird trade was long EURUSD. I went long at 14338 with a 20 pip stop and also a 60 pip target just like above. When the GBPUSD hit it’s target, the EURUSD was 40 pips up and didn’t look to be going anywhere. I waited to see if it would and got impatient, closing out for a 42 pip profit. However, a few hours later the market did indeed shoot up and it would have reached the 60 pips which was a bit disappointing on my side – disappointed in myself not being able to leave the trade to run rather than anything else.

Anyway, I guess I can’t complain too much.. I ended up today with 115 points in total (which could have been 133 if I had left it with regards to the EURUSD trade). Also, I did close out the FTSE100 trade which also wasn’t following the rules but I’ll only know what it would have done tomorrow

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