22nd September – S&P emini futures – making sense out of noise

Hi All,

Hope you all are well. Today, I had the whole day to trade, I have every other Friday off and it was nice to be able to dedicate a whole trade to trading and to see how I would do. When I’m trading the evening session, it can be annoying if I miss some moves…¬† the majority of the movement with the US market is when open and the evening sessions. I can’t usually participate in the morning session but the evening from 6.30pm GMT is when I can participate.

Anyway, just to let you know that I got an email with my trading mentor the other day. He was not pleased with my results lately. He said that I wasn’t trading according to the plan. I was entering and exiting at the wrong places.

It’s important to stick to the plan but I find that if a good move has happened in the morning and i’ve missed it, I feel frustrated and at times, enter the market to play ‘catch up’. This is dangerous though and more often than not, I end up losing.

Anyway, have a look at the chart today. I started off quite bullish at the futures prices had shot up before the official open. However, throughout the day, the market just dwindled by. There wasn’t much happening but there was a neckline which I drew off on the 15 mins charts and also I had my eye on the levels 154000 and 154150.

My trades were, short at 154150. Short below the 154200 level. I targetted 153500 but was aware of the various round number levels which sat inbetween. When it bounced off 154000, I took profit at 154050 for +4

Another break of 154000. I shorted at 153950 as it went below this.. this was also a neckline break. Market found support at 153700 and I took profit at 153800. +6 profit.

Ok, now the market was heading upwards. A long at 154125. However, it didn’t work out and I ended up stopped out with -7

Righto, another buy above 154000.. buy at 154025. I was hoping for it to go up more and I trailed my stop to keep some profit if things went the other way. The previous trade was frustrating¬† and so I was more careful this time. Didn’t look quite safe so I took profit at 154075 for +2

Ok, the other level I was watching was 154150. I bought as the market went above this level and targetting the intraday high. I trailed this stop also as the market went up. Unfortunately, it didn’t go all the way up and as I trailed my stop, I ended up flat with a scratch trade.

Last trade was a short below 154000. First target was 153700 which was an intraday triple bottom. It dipped below this temporarily but bounced up from here. I was rewarded with +8 here.

In total I got +13. Not particularly good but in hindsight, it wasn’t a particularly exciting day… I was lucky to even find some trades in this environment!

Have a great weekend!

22nd September - S&P emini futures

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