Worlds Worst Day Trader – could it be me?

That’s how I’m feeling at the moment! It’s funny how the joy of winning doesn’t compare with the feeling of depression and despair of losing.

I did ok yesterday and today, I lost but I feel much worse today than the joy I experienced yesterday. In fact, I expect to at least be up every day so unless I make a lot of gains, I don’t feel any joy or pleasure in my trading winnings. For those that follow my blog, you’ll notice that I can’t seem to ride those winners well so there is hardly ever any joy in my trading.

There was a time when I put in a trade and I completely forgot about it.. I think it was a Forex trade and after a few days, I logged in to be shocked to find that I had left a trade open and it was 800 points up!! That was my biggest ever win trading the markets and needless to say, it was a mistake! There was absolutely no skill in it and my mistake had boosted my account.

Anyway, here are my trades of today.

I bought right at the wrong point, got in at 12823… the market immediately went the opposite direction and I got stopped out at 12805 for -18.

The next trade was a short at 12795 and I got out at 12790 for +5.

Another long at 12796 and got out at 12810 for +14.. I chickened out here as the market moved another 10 points my way.

Then a series of disasters… a short right at the bottom at 12801 and then another short at the next bottom at 12822 for a total (for these two trades of -37)

Total for the day is -38. In the scheme of things, not much of a loss but just annoying that in the 5 trades I placed, 3 were bang on the top or bottom (except I went the other way) and one was incredibly close to shorting at the bottom. My one decent entry, I close far too early.

Perhaps I should do the opposite.. I would have done rather well!


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