Winning Trades which make no Money

This was me today… I put in an order for a buy on the GBPUSD at 16018 or a sell at 15956 with a 20 pip stop and a 40 pip target.

As you can see from the chart, the GBPUSD shoots up and actually goes beyond the 50 pips…

However, I made no money on this trade at all. At first I got really annoyed, an easy 40 pips in the bag and my broker has screwed me over.

I checked my emails and can see that the order was being placed, however, I had forgotten to fund the account properly and therefore the trade didn’t trigger! Arrgh! How annoying!

I find that when this sort of things happen, I’m conscious that I’m annoyed and may make a mistake through trying to get back at the markets. I feel that I need to stop trading for the day and come back afresh later. Grrr!

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