What does your Trading Desk look like?

I was looking online to see what people’s trading desks look like.. I wasn’t interested in the big banks and prop houses but for those people who trade privately.

Here is what I found:

Now this one was impressive.. I count 24 screens. It looks way extreme and how on earth do you focus your two eyeballs on so many screens?

3 screens and a laptop. Sometimes having multiple machines is a good idea just in case one machine conks out. The desk is a little cluttered but I like the inspiration quote on the carved stone ornament “Some people make things happen, Some watch things happen, while others wonder what has happen.

There’s also a goal statement on the post-stick note “The World makes way for those who know where they are going

Grace Cheng is a seasoned Forex trader and an author. I thought her trading set up would look a bit more sophisticated (sorry Grace) but the nice thing about trading is that you just need a computer and screen.. multiple monitors (or computers) are a bonus

This a someone who I think has a nice computer set up..  a laser printer sits to the right and the laptop spare. Shame about the furniture though! :)

The opposite of the previous picture.. this chap has a rather simple computer set up (once again the spare laptop to the side). However, he has a nice batchelors pad.. I eye the swimming pool outside also!

Wow, lovely view and you can tell that it’s a nice place with the floor to ceiling windows. This would be my ideal trading setup. The only thing they could have done a bit better would be the cable management!

Do you have  a trading desk setup to share? If so, send it through!

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