Volatile markets but opportunity knocks!

As I mentioned yesterday, a move below 130000 would be huge with a target of 126300 or so. Anyway, I was a bit delayed getting home today and missed all the action… well, almost!

The market initially dipped below 130000 and bounced right back up.. if you caught the short this time, you could have rode the market all the way from this level to 128225.. that is staggering 72 prices!!

Anyway, I missed all of that. I entered long when I saw that the market was turning and moved above the MA lines which had contain the price action for the whole day. When this was breached, alongside 5 and 15 min stochastic indicator movements towards the upside, I waited for a retracement before entering. I got in at 128925 with a target of 129300. It hit target for +15 but then shot up to 130125 before falling…  I wished I could ride it this far.. if only I watched the stochastics and allowed the indicator to move beyond the 80 level before looking to exit.

Ok, that’s it for now.. have a good weekend!


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