Trading the FTSE100 profitably

After last weeks volatility in the markets I thought I would watch the markets today to see if there were any opportunities.. I have always learnt that the markets will go their way regardless of any intervention of which we saw plenty of last week. The markets were clearly heading down and for those who are bearish, perhaps this was a perfect shorting opportunity.
Anyway, I tried not to think too much about this and just watch the markets unfold and take my position from there. The markets fell sharply and I entered my short at 5276… I should have been a tad more patient and waited for a pullback before my entry… the markets did bounce shortly after my entry and I was feeling a pinch.. however, I expected this to be a temporary pullback and I was right.. the markets drifted lower and I took my profit after a sharp movement downwards to close out at 5224 for a nice 52 points.

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