Trading the DOW profitably too!!

Following on from my earlier FTSE trade of today, I also spotted a perfect entry for the Dow Jones today.. it’s a shame that I didn’t trade it as it would have been extremely profitable.. it’s nice when the markets hit a perfect resistance line and short.. however, these perfect hits are rare and look great if you have executed them in the right manner.. however, more often than not, if you saw this movement, the markets wouldn’t behave.

However, I did short the Dow for a quick scalp trade when it broke the support level at around 11112. I got in at 11099 and got out quickly at 11084… I feel very anxious generally trading the Dow Jones as it tends to be rather volatile and I usually lose more money than make it with this one. However, as I write, the market has gone lower to 11040 so I missed out on almost +50. I generally do not like to trade the Dow due to it’s rather unpredictable nature so +16 is not bad.

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