Trading takes a stumble today

Today I came home exhausted and tired…. I didn’t feel like I wanted to trade but I felt also a bit frustrated that I am still yet to return a profit.

Although I am on the live account, I have yet to clear a profit as I’ve lost almost 50% of the cash in my account!! I have to clear this before I start getting paid. On top of all this, I am paying back the trading academy every month… all this added pressure.

The market feels no sympathy of course and I should know better. The trades I traded where untidy and I wasn’t patient enough to wait it out. I tried to short firstly.. the 5 min stochastics looked as though they wanted to turn but this didn’t coincide with the stochastics in the 15 mins.

The second trade, I went long after the market shot up and retraced. This was a pure play on patterns and I had not taken into consideration that the 5 min stochastics had topped and were heading lower.

I felt frustrated today.. I felt that I have undone a lot of the learning and gone back to making stupid mistakes…. grr…!!! I ended up -16 today!


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