The winning streak continues…

This is becoming unbelievable.. I traded both the S&P and GBPJPY today and both were winners.. this makes my total to 11 winning trades in a row. Considering the spreadbet company takes a spread either side of this trade, I’m doing remarkably well. I don’t feel as though I’ve become a super trader but I do accept the maximum loss that I expect per trade. I put on the trade, set the stop loss and mentally accept the maximum loss. This makes me feel less nervous should it go against me.. I know I can’t lose more than where the stop loss is and if I win, then that’s a bonus. I think this has really helped my trading psychology and allowed me to stay focused and not stress on the task at hand.

I also managed to get out at the top with both S&P and GBPJPY trades which feels great. With the S&P, I got in at 895.63 and got out at 897.43.. just under 2 points here but the stakes are 10x larger than usual with S&P trading, this made the equivalent of 18 points.


With the GBPJPY, I entered at 14551 and exited at 14602 for a healthy 51 pips!


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