S&P emini – Gambling or trading?

Today was another horrendous day for my dummy account, I’m glad it is my dummy account as I made 5 trades and each one was a loser!

I’ve not been watching the market properly all last week and I’m a bit out sync with everything. Last week at work there were leaving do’s and outings.. I had to do the social thing and mingle a bit.

So, after a week (discounting the 1 day of trading), I am back today somewhat eager to get right stuck in.. I just want to trade and make it work, I’m a bit impatient yes, let’s put on some trades.

Well, this sounds like the psyche of a gamble today and indeed it was.. I got completely pummelled.

My trades today were

1. Long 150025, I got stopped at 149775 – I saw the market peep above the 150000 and decided that this was a good place to buy

2. Short 149775 and short 149800..  these were stopped out at 150025

3. Short at 149950, stopped out at 150075

4. Last gamble was a short at 149450 and got stopped out at 149700.

 The chart is here

S&P emini - Gambling or trading?

Funnily enough, on my real money account I shorted the Dow cash market and made 20 pips! Profit!!

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