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It’s Sunday so there’s no trading… well, actually the Forex markets do open at around 10pm GMT so I could trade but I rather wait until the following day..

Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve ever been done unfairly with a parking fine. I have and I know how annoying it is, parking attendants are incentivised to slap on tickets (there are free TVs and holidays if you can bill the most). Most people can’t be bothered to contest so just end up paying the fine. The councils know this of course so they’ll just find any excuse to give you a ticket.

As you know, parking tickets are expensive.. not so long ago, my father got given a ticket for parking on his own doorstep. We’ve been doing the same thing for 20 years so we have no idea why they’ve done this except some parking attendant was thinking of receiving his TV. Anyway, we are contesting this… it’s £50 saved.

Anyway, I was reading the Sunday Times today and there’s a guy who has a website to help people with parking fines..

The article from the Sunday Times is here

Oh, these made me laugh:

Top five tickets, 2007

1 Peter Stapleton a disabled driver, was hopping mad when his leg fell off mid journey forcing him to pull over to reattach it – and got a ticket

2 When a tree fell on Nicky Clegg’s car while driving near Pershore she thought she had had a lucky escape. But when she returned to the wreck with police the following day a traffic warden had got there first to pin a ticket to the shattered windscreen

3 Fred Holt, a pensioner who was held hostage in his local bank during a robbery, received a ticket despite wardens being told not to issue any by police at the scene

4 A young mother who pulled into a motorcycle bay when her baby started choking assumed the approaching traffic warden was to offer assistance. Instead he gave her an £80 ticket

5 The hearse given a ticket while parked outside the funeral directors. When challenged Edinburgh city council claimed the ticket was correct because the coffin was not yet in the car

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