Not a trading inspiration – myself

I haven’t heard anything from my trading academy despite me leaving numerous messages with them to call me. I have a deadline of the end of this month to bring my account to the black.

Anyway, I started my trading with a loss, -5 when I shorted at 140225 with a stop at 140400. As the market moved down, I moved my stop down to the previous swing high (bad mistake) and I got stopped out for -5. If I hadn’t been stopped out, I would have been ok.

Anyway, I entered again when the market went to 140225. This time the market did go my way and I closed at 139975 for +10.

My total for the day was +5.

It was a winning day but my winning days are relatively low and my losses are high..  I wish I was like Greg Coffey of GLG (I wrote about him yesterday)…  he probably made £600k today (if you consider he made £150 million in a year).

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