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I have shown just my entries in my attached chart… it was another bad day!

I entered long where the arrow is green at 138425. I could see that the 5 min stochastics were in oversold territory so there would be a move upwards soon.. was it here? However, if I paid more attention to the 15 min chart, I could see that it was telling me something different, the MACD had cross towards the downside and indicating a short. The conflict of signals should have been a warning! Anyway, I ended up with a loss of -8 on this trade.

My second trade was a short..  now this was the right thing to do according to the 15 min stochastics but the 5 mins were oversold and looking to go up. I took a -10 loss.

At this stage I stopped trading and called my trading mentor. Unfortunately, I have been asked to go back to the simulator!! Grrr….

Anyway, on my own account.. there was another entry which I took. I shorted when the stochastics had topped out in the 5 min charts. This also corresponded with the 15 mins so I felt good about this trade. I was right, I entered at 138475 and got out at 138025 for +18!! If this was in my trading academy account, I would be safe!! At least I made some real cash I suppose as a consolation!!

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