Missed entries – a potential winning day!

I came home a little later than usual today, it was a trip to buy the other half something for Valentines day. I got home at about 19:30 GMT.. by this time, I had missed a move at about 19:00 when the market made a double stop near 136000. A short sould have been very nice! As you can see, the stochastics in the 5 min also corresponded to an overbought situation and negative divergence between the price action and the stochastics indicator.

I had an order to go long at 135050 which was the previous swing low.. however, the market bounced off 135100 and moved to above 135600 as I write. I would have taken profit around 135500 if I had got in at my desired level! 

Of course, it’s all hindsight and trading is extremely easy when you look back on charts.

However, the patterns today I felt adhered to my trading strategies.

So far, I have two profitable days to my name whilst trading live and I felt today would have been another which would have helped towards making back those previous losses I had on the live account.

Make Me Some Money - 12th Feb

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