Making some extra money with Betfair

As some of you know, I also like to play around with Betfair now and again. With the World Cup on at the moment and Wimbledon Tennis starting today, there are many markets to play with.

The World Cup so far has yielded some really funny results… if one were to bet on the favourites to win then you wouldn’t have been doing so well. What I like about Betfair is that there are so many markets which you can bet on. With markets, I don’t mean necessarily different sports.. what I mean is that within one match, you can put your money on a whole heap of different things. For example, if I take the France and South Africa football match which is happening tomorrow, there are a whole heap of ‘markets’.. see picture:

Besides the bet on who to win.. you can bet on whether there is going to be more than 1 goal (or less), more than 2 goals (or less), who to score next, the score at half time. The list you see above is just half of the bets you can have on just one game.. it really is amazing. One strategy I like to bet is the half time score or whether a particular team is winning at half time. If you put on a bet at around 35 mins for the actual score if it’s either 0-0 or 1-0 (to either) with the market prices being between 1.4 – 1.6, you tend to find that’s a winner!

Tennis is good as a market as there are only two outcomes..  win or lose for a particular player. With football, each team has three outcomes, win, lose or draw. I like using Betfair for tennis markets!

Oh, back to my bets.. I made two bets from yesterday. Correct score at half time for Brazil and Ivory coast and winner for first round tennis match between Anderson v Davydenko. I made a £42.27 profit!

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