Making Money with Bet on Markets

I recently discovered Bet On Markets, it’s a betting platform where you can bet on the markets (obviously!). There are loads of different bets available and I only bet one type (as I’ve not discovered the others or developed a strategy for them yet).

Just quickly looking at the site, there are Up and Down bets – these are bets where you bet whether the market will be above or below a particular area within a timeframe, In/Out bets – whether a price remains in or out of a range or Touch/No Touch (the bet that I am playing) – whether the price touches or doesn’t touch a price within an alloted time. There are more bets available and there are detailed explanations on the site itself.

Anyway, as I’ve just discovered this recently, I thought I’d have a go using very small stakes. My stakes are between £5 – £10 and I’m betting on the market not touching a particular price by the next day. I have been using the Daily and Four Hour charts to gauge direction and a turn in the market. When it turns then I put on a no touch above the previous high or below the previous low and then wait for the next day.

You can see my results so far are all winners! There are a few trades which have doubled.. a £5 became £10. Some more safer bets I’ve bet £8 for just £2. It’s like picking the low hanging fruit as they say and it soon mounts up. I started with a mere £50 in the account and in 9 bets (all winners) I’ve made just under £20 which is a 40% increase on my account!

I think psychologically this type of betting is much easier than normal buying and selling once you put your bet on you don’t have to manage it.. it will expire either in a profit or not.

I’ll post some examples of trades at a later time to describe what I’m actually doing so you can understand the thought process.

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