Make Money while you sleep – part 3 of 3 (Poker Bots)

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Unfortunately my trading platform went down today so I was unable to trade. Nevermind, I had an entry on the DOW at 13170 short and it would be 40 points up if I were able to trade it. Oh well!

 Anyway, here is part 3 of Making Money while you sleep. This isn’t about financial trading but online poker. There are a huge number of people now playing poker and there are also some who make it their main source of income. Growth in this area has become huge and you’re not pitted against the poker sites but other players, you just need to ensure that you’re a better player than the average.

You can learn to play poker but in reality, it can take some time to learn. Human emotion is the biggest fallacy which prevents you from becoming a good player. However, there are now robots which play on your behalf! They are called Poker Bots and they can play while you’re fast asleep.

Poker Bots eliminate the human emotional side. They play systematically and never tire…

Have a read of this article

and this

There’s also something from MSNBC video

Please note that it was  a while when I tested this. I found it to be a lot of work to set up but once you have done so, it can earn for you on autopilot. Some casinos detect the presence of a bot and can block your account and worse still, empty your account. To avoid detection, you would have to set up two machines.. one running the casino software and the other has a remote connection to this running the poker bot. The poker bot software then ‘sees’ the cards via it’s remote connection and plays for you.

The software which I have looked at is called WinHoldEm from 

If you’re interested, have a read but as I mention, this software requires a lot of work to set up (and some programming knowledge).

There are other Poker Bots out there which I am unable to vouch for. I don’t know if they are scams but WinHoldEm is the one which I have tested and works. Have a search for Poker Bots in Google. I’d be interested to know how you get on should you find another bot which you can confirm works!

Good luck!

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