London Investor Show – My review

So I trundled along to the London Investor Show at Olympa yesterday (Friday 20th May)..

As I got off the Underground train, I wondered if I was actually in the right place.. for starters, there were hardly any people and there were quite a few families (parents and kids).. not exactly the crowd which are attracted to these type of events.

Anyway, after double checking to ensure that I was at the right place at not at Earls Court or Excel, I made my way.. still walking with the young kids and families. As I walked up, I saw the Doctor Who posters, most people were going to the Doctor Who Experience at the same place. I saw a few more Doctor Who posters and still nothing about the London Investor Show…  sure of the correct location, I looked again at my tickets, had I got the right day? Yep, it was correct but it still didn’t feel right.

As I walked towards the entrance, I finally saw the London Investor Show banner… why was it only right at the entrance?

Anyway, I had wanted to go to the first lecture which was “Extraordinary Investments – An Introduction to Fortune Hunting for Adventurous Collectors – Toby Walne” – I made my way to this. Finding myself a little late, the door open, I just found a pew. He was already a few minutes into this presentation. I didn’t pick up much from Toby, he just talked about how almost anything can be worth something now.. comics, old lamps, books, wine etc. There’s no system to it.. you just find something you enjoy collecting and you may find that it’s worth a lot of money in the future! It was mainly a plug for his new book which can be bought from Amazon:


When that finished, my next stop was the ‘paid’ workshop. These were advertised at £25 on the website but you can get them FREE from the email newsletters which one receives.. I don’t think anyone paid for these. Anyway, I wasn’t sure if I was late for this one but I walked right in (no one to check if you paid or not!) to find that I was at the back end of the previous seminar, titled Trading Futures – Know your Puts and Calls and presented by Alan Rich and George Halmey. I only caught the last 5 minutes and all I remember seeing was that he was trying to sell something for £900.

My intended seminar was the one by Lee Sandford, I think I’ve mentioned him on the blog before. He is an ex-professional football player and now a full time trader. His seminar was titled “Gold. Silver. Pork Bellies. How to Become a Successful Commodities Trader” and I thought he was quite geniune and honest. He said that he didn’t get any formal education and had an interest in his 20s… now he’s a trader and looking to teach people to trade at his website:

His seminar was based around commodities trading and these were the things I learnt:

  • Spreadbetting companies dont’ make money from those who trade long term
  • Commodities are easier to predict than Forex charts
  • Big commercial funds use the 50 MA vs 200 MA to get in and out of trades

He also gave us a trading system which I thought was rather good. However, it was not all free as you would need his indicator to work it (this is available at his site). However, the way it worked was like this:

  • Identify trend (use 50 MA) and only trade with the trend
  • Buy when oversold, Sell when overbought as identifed with his Pro-VC indicator – you enter 1 point above/below the previous candlestick when you see the signal to enter
  • Exit half the position after 1 week, exit the remaining after the second week

His Pro-VC indicator costs around £300 but he said that it’s not a new indicator and available in the public domain..  there’s a video about it below (anyone know what this indicator is called in the Public Domain?):

Oh, almost forgot to mention.. I also picked up a free book from the show from the Wiley bookstand. If you were one of the first 200 people to sign up for the show you could pick up a free book. There were two choices,The Little Book of Commodity Investing or The Little Book of Alternative Investments. I picked the latter.

You can also get these books from Amazon:


Oh and here is a photo of the stuff I came back home with:

London Investor Show


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