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I am suffering from man-flu once again!! I was ill two weeks ago also so I’m feeling rather poorly.

Anyway, there’s nothing getting in the way of me and my trading. I came back usual time today and shorted when I saw that the stochastics were turning.. I got in a bit late with an entry at 136175 and rode it to the round number 136000 for 7 prices. Nothing special!

The market actually went lower and I left a bit on the table. At this stage, about 19:15 GMT, I was looking for a long trade (see blue arrows on chart). The stochastics in the 5 mins were looking to turn and I had targetted¬†136225… if I had traded this, it would have yielded some profit! Drats!

Anyway, nevermind…¬† my third trade was a short below the day low at 135300.. 3 prices below the low. I took profit at 135150 for 6 prices which was a bit premature as the market fell lower, all the way to 134575.. double drats!

Anyway, in profit overall today at +13.

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