Giving up your career to trade financial markets for yourself

Just so you know,  I am not the above picture!! Wrong sex first of all and she’s far better looking than me! Was interesting to find this picture so I thought I’d post it anyway! :)

Back to being more serious, if you’re like me and you’ve been learning to trade the financial markets in your spare time outside of your usual career there will become a time if you’re persistent and dedicate enough when you find that you’re doing quite well and the serious thinking comes into play… should you give up your career (which is most likely to be completely different to financial trading) and work for yourself trading the stock markets.

I have been toying with this thought although I don’t yet feel completely ready. I have been working in my IT career for over 10 years, earning a decent income and bringing financial stability into our home. I am paying off a mortgage and obviously need to eat and ensure that the wife and I can live as comfortably as possible. I know that the career that I have built will allow this…

Trading can reap in untold financial rewards. However, your daily income isn’t fixed like it is with your 9-to-5 job. It would be great if you could make money each day but the truth is that there will be days when not only have I not made any money but lost. That is the nature of trading.

I have taken a couple of weeks off for the Xmas break and during this time, I have spent the time trading the currency markets. Most of the time spent is waiting for the opportunity to come.. there were days when you sit there watching and watching waiting for a trigger to enter your position and it never comes. Those days are quite frustrating and you then have to be careful that you don’t enter for the sake of entering.

The other thing is that most humans need social interaction with other humans…. sitting at home trading the markets can be boring with no one else there. I am not talking about having the wife or having a kid to look after in the background as these will divert your focus from trading.

I have been thinking about the pros and cons of working my current job (career) and trading for myself. There are also other options, of course

  • trading with a firm – this will alleviate the loneliness of sitting at home on your own and work with other like minded people. However, this comes with it’s own set of pros and cons. Number 1 thing is that there is a cost associated with this… if it’s a prop firm you’ve joined then a chunk of your trading profits go to the firm.
  • renting an office – I didn’t mention another thing which is a problem when you’re at home.. I constantly find that I am distracted at home.. I have the TV, the Xbox, chores to do etc. Renting an office provides a work only environment. Also, you can rent offices where there will be other businesses running so you can get that human interaction. However, the obvious thing here is cost… your study at home, working on a computer with internet is all you need to trade so this can be a little difficult to justify

Anyway, they were just some thoughts.. I’ll put my pros and cons list together when I have it clear in my mind…

Merry Xmas to all and best wishes for 2010

Oh, just to let you know (and to make me feel good in saying this)..  I am happy to say that I made money every day trading at home :)

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