Get paid for EVERY visitor to your site!

There comes a time when, as a blog owner, you decide to monetize your blog. Whether it’s to pay the electricity bills or hosting the site or even as a salary, the main form of revenue for most bloggers is PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ie something like Google’s Adsense programme.

Google’s Adsense programme (and there are many others such as Bidvertiser, Oxado, Clicksor, Chitika etc) basically involves installing some content targetted adverts on your website. Each time a person clicks on an advert you get paid.. the figure is usually a few cents/pence but if you get a lot of clicks, then you earn more money.

However, most sites convert only a small fraction of their visitors. A conversion rate is the percentage of people who click the adverts to the number of visitors who have visited. I know that in my website, I convert less than 0.25% of visitors….

Anyway, there is a new form of revenue stream for your website/blog which aims to change all this. Imagine being paid for every single visitor to your website! How is this possible? The scheme is called NetAudioAds and it involves installing a bit of code on your site so that every visitor who visits listens to a 5 second advert and then you get paid.

It’s still new and they are officially launching on the 1st February. It’s a good time time to get involved if you’re interested in exploring this avenue.

For more details and sign up, click here

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