Forex system that hasn’t lost a trade in 8 years!

I sign up to all sorts of emails and every now and again and today, a new Forex system has emerged which has caught my eye.. this one is called Forex Autocash Robot and is a Forex trading system which apparently has never lost a trade in over 8 years. This is a huge claim.. trading is about losing and winning.. you just have to win more than you lose and then you’re a successful trader but this system claims never to ever have lost a trade once. Hmm, it got my interest but I’m hugely skeptical.

Apparently, the facts are:

  • zero losers in 8 years and 8 months and still winning
  • 50,000% profit
  • 597 consecutive profitable trades
  • completely automated system

Well, I don’t know what to think..  I will give it a try shortly and let you know how I get on but for the time being, if you’re interested in having your own look as there are limited copies, then visit the

Forex Autocash Robot

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