Financial Trading and Golf

From my posts, I realise that I don’t post a consistent trading system… what I mean is that I’m not posting the same sort of trades each day. There are times when I am trading the shorter timeframe charts and other times, the longer timeframe charts. People say that it’s important that one finds a trading methodology that suits your personality and I agree there but you also need to find the trading methodology that suits your circumstances and mine change day to day.

The shorter timeframes offer me the ability to know if I’ve made profit up for the day.. these are daytrades and I’ll look close all positions on the day to realise a gain (or loss). I don’t have to worry about my trade overnight as none are open.  However, I also recognise that I get very bad eyestrain if I am looking at the shorter timeframes and it makes me very tired after a good few hours watching the markets.

The longer timeframes are much more relaxed, more set and forget type trades. Generally my win ratio’s are higher and this means less frustration. However, trades can run over the course of days and because of the low maintenance nature of it, can be boring.

Those reading are probably thinking that perhaps I need to experiment still and find something in the middle. I have done so but I do like going from one timeframe to the other really depends on how busy I am doing other stuff. Although I’m doing trading more fulltime now I sometimes like to go and meet my friends and in these circumstances, if we’re playing a round of golf, for example, I don’t really want to have a trade which I need to attend to every few minutes. I would still like my money to be working for me though and a longer timeframe trade means I can concentrate on my golf and not worry about my position.

However, there are days when I want to just be in the markets, these are my default days which I dedicate to the markets and for these days I am looking to have made a profit for the day and to have all positions closed.


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