EOD trading system update – made money but didn’t follow to plan

Hi All,

If you read the last message, you saw that I have started testing a new EOD S&P trading system.

You basically buy or sell at the close each day (ie 9pm GMT) with a target and loss. Last night, a signal was to sell the S&P with a target of 1550.

I sold at 1564 last night and indeed, it did drop. I got out at 1560… this equates to 12 prices on the S&P emini.

Ok ok.. I didn’t follow true to plan as the idea to leave it until it either reaches the target or you get stopped out (or if the system tells you to get out).

My stakes were a bit too high and I am testing this on a live spreadbetting platform at £10 a point. The stop was miles away at 1605, should it get hit, then it would be a £300 loss.

Anyway, I’ll have to trade a little smaller to be comfortable and to follow the system to a tee. Igindex (the spreadbetting company I am using) only allow £10 per point trading as a minimum. I am going to find another spreadbetting company which allows for smaller stakes.

Anyway, make a nice little profit. Will monitor and see how this turns out. I’ll also set up a new category for these trades called EOD SP so you can follow this easily should you wish to.

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