Ebay buying tactics – how I grab my bargains

Morning all,

I have not worked on my websites at all.. gulp!! I must get to it today!

Just a short post for now..  I don’t know if any of you noticed the link to www.fatfingers.co.uk on the right there.

This is great, when people list their items on Ebay, there are times when they mistype something in their description. This means that their item is not viewed by the general public and you maybe able to get it cheaper as no one has yet discovered it.

The other program I use to grab Ebay items is Auction Sniper
AuctionSniper.com - Auction snipe and win more items.
Auction snipe and win more items.

This allows you to put in a bid at the last few seconds. You don’t even have to watch it or leave your computer running. You simply decide when you want to put in your bid (3 or 5 seconds) before the auction ends and the max price and it does the trick. The great thing about this is that it is free also to register and use. They give you a few free snipes so you can test the service.

Have fun! :)

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