DDFX Trading System – 8th to 12th August – Best and worst week so far!

If only trades were like this every week. We had a short entry at the start of the week and it just ran and ran for 322 pips. I have found that the yellow line is better to get out of trades rather than looking at the price bar colours and the trend indicators.  After a great trade with this, I took the rest of the week off and didn’t trade any more of the signals (which would have yield a few more pips).

I also traded the EURJPY this week but this was rather choppy in comparison to the GBPJPY trade… two losses and then I didn’t fancy taking any more trades for the rest of the week.

So there I have it.. the best week I had with a forex pair so far and also the worst week I had with a forex pair. Still up for the week however at 239 pips!

To learn more about the DDFX Forex Trading system click here (ps as I write this, the DDFX site seems to be down, hopefully it’s just a glitch and will be fixed soon!)


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