DDFX Forex Trading System Results – 5th to 9th September 2011

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I’m behind in my updates on the DDFX Forex Trading system due to some family issues to deal with.. however,  I have been trading the signals as they come along. It does take a bit of work to put everything together so I hope you understand. I’ll write up each week in 1 post to keep the format the same.

Ok, the week of the 5th to 9th September, I traded the GBPUSD and EURUSD forex pair. First up, the GBPUSD pair.

The first entry was a short which I felt pretty confident about, the market has been in a downtren the signal came. It bounced around for a few hours and then it fell 50 odd pips! I had moved my stop to breakeven and annoyed that it hit… zero pips first trade. The second short entry was a few hours after I had closed my previous short. If I hadn’t been stopped out of the previous trade, this would have been a great trade. Anyway, I got 46 pips on this on.. I got out after the first blue bar appeared.

Another short followed and it was a loser… cost me 35 pips! Grr! On the close, I actually reversed my position due to a long signal..I thought this could have been a larger rally as it had looked as though the sellers were running out of steam. How wrong was I, I took another loss here for -20.

There was another short entry as you can see but after the last two trades, I didn’t feel that the market wasn’t behaving so I didn’t trade it. This proved to be an excellent trade and would have brought plenty of pips… however, I can’t count this as I didn’t trade it so it was more of a fault of mine rather than the systems!

Total -31 pips for GBPUSD

The EURUSD chart already opened lower and was trickling lower but there was no entry until Tuesday. I had placed an order at the low of the first red bar as below but it didn’t trigger… that was lucky as it would have been a loser! Nothing happened until Thursday and I shorted for 100 pips! The market fell further after I had closed my position but hey, can’t complain, in profit for the week at 100 pips on 1 trade!

Total for the week 69 pips!

To learn more about the DDFX Forex Trading system click here

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